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Rice-Think is dedicated to providing a safe, fun environment for Minecraft players and gamers of all ages.

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General History of Rice-Think

Rice-Think, originally, started in August 2010 as a small private server hosted by Seanmrice (Sean), Rice-Think quickly grew in size thanks to the recruiting efforts of Endrane via the 13th MEU and their associates.

The server rapidly outgrew the hardware, and Sean was forced to move the server to dedicated hardware, which eventually was moved off-site to a VPS.

The server dealt with a great number of changes rapidly between November 2010 when the Rice-Think Forums went online, and the server was moved between 3 VPS hosting companies. The server currently resides on a Dedicated server at

Rice-Think currently works very closely with the hosting company DemonVPS to provide extended services to our members such as: Tekkit servers, Special Event servers, and Temporary servers.

Player Groups

Standard Groups

Default - Member - VIP - BOT - Dev - Moderator - Admin

Non-Standard Groups (World-Based)

Roleplayer, Anarchist

Current Worlds

World - NewbWorld - Anarchy - Nether - Adventure

Retired Worlds

Skylands2 - Survival - RPold - RP - Leknith

Minecraft Knowledgebase Articles

Minecraft Data Values - Mobs
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